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Becoming a Data Head: How to Think, Speak, & Understand Data Science, Statistics & Machine Learning | Alex J Gutman
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Model: 9781119741749
You've heard the hype around data-now get the facts.     In Becoming a Data Head: How to Think, Speak, and Understand Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning, award-winning data scientists Alex Gutman and Jordan Goldmeier pull back the curtain on data science and give you the languag..
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Future Proof You: Twelve Truths for Creating Oppprtunity, Maximizing for Wealth, and  Controlling Your Destriny in an Uncertain World. HB | Jay Samit
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Model: 9781119772064
With the right mindset and insight, anyone can become a millionaire.     Are you tired of just paying bills until you die? Are you wasting your life at a job that doesn't make you fulfilled or financially secure? Then Future Proofing You: Twelve Truths for Creating Opportunity, Maximizing W..
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Responsible Data Science: Transparency & Fairness in Algorithms | Grant Fleming
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Model: 9781119741756
Explore the most serious prevalent ethical issues in data science with this insightful new resource The increasing popularity of data science has resulted in numerous well-publicized cases of bias, injustice, and discrimination. The widespread deployment of 'Black box' algorithms that are difficult ..
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Routedge Classics: The Theory of Economic Development | Joseph A Schumpeter
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Model: 9780367705268
Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) is one of the most fascinating and influential economists of the twentieth century, renowned for his brilliant and unorthodox insights into the nature of capitalism. His students include leading economists such as Paul Samuelson, Robert Solow and the former chairman of ..
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Mindfulness without the Bells & Beads:Unlocking Exceptional Performance, Leadership, and Well-being for Working Professionals | Clif Smith
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Model: 9781119750765
Use mindfulness to unleash your potential-without the spiritual baggage.     Mindfulness Without the Bells and Beads: Unlocking Exceptional Performance, Leadership, and Wellbeing for Working Professionals strips away the bells, beads, and hyperbole associated with mindfulness, and explains ..
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Power Economics: An Executive
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Model: 9781119707707
Energy efficiency is more of a journey than a battle. It starts with small steps, taken at the local and state levels. It is a matter of identifying and then practicing good habits in our daily lives, at home and at work.     Every idea and process described in this book, if performed reaso..
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Burn: How Grit , Innovation, and a Dash of Luck Ignited a Multi-Million Dollar Success Story | Mei Xu
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Model: 9781119695929
Learn the fascinating story of one of America's most successful entrepreneurs     The American Dream continues to resonate with immigrants from around the world. Millions of people hope to come to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their families, often by creating ..
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The World for Sale: Money, Power and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources | Javier Blas / Jack Farhy
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Model: 9781847942661
Meet the traders who supply the world with oil, metal and food - no matter how corrupt, war-torn or famine-stricken the source.   'Fascinating and revealing.' ECONOMIST   'Definitive, eye-opening' BRADLEY HOPE, co-author of Billion Dollar Whale   'Educational and entertaining.' FIN..
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The Digital War: How China
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Model: 9781119748915
What new directions in China's digital economy mean for us all     China is the largest homogenous digital market on Earth: unified by language, culture, and mobile payments. Not only a consumer market of unrivaled size, it's also a vast and hyperactive innovation ecosystem for new technolo..
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Blockchain Data Analytics For Dummies | Michael G Solomon
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Model: 9781119651772
Get ahead of the curve--learn about big data on the blockchain Blockchain came to prominence as the disruptive technology that made cryptocurrencies work. Now, data pros are using blockchain technology for faster real-time analysis, better data security, and more accurate predictions. Blockchain Dat..
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Working From Home For Dummies | Tara Powers
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Model: 9781119748496
Your essential guide to working from home and staying connected         In today's networked global economy, working from home is no longer a novelty. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organizations everywhere are embracing the game-changing benefits of allowing employe..
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The Narrow Corridor : States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty | Daron Acemoglu,James A. Robinson
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Model: 9780241314333
As enjoyable as it is thought-provoking' Jared Diamond   By the authors of the international bestseller Why Nations Fail, based on decades of research, this powerful new big-picture framework explains how some countries develop towards and provide liberty while others fall to despotism, anarch..
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