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God: An Anatomy | Francesca Stavrakopoulou
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Model: 9781509867356
'Rivetingly fresh and stunning' Sunday Times 'A tour de force, a triumph' Catholic Herald 'One of the most remarkable historians and communicators working today' Dan Snow   Three thousand years ago, in the Southwest Asian lands we now call Israel and Palestine, a group of people worshipp..
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The Bible: What Everyone Needs to Know | Michael Coogan
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Model: 9780199383030
The Bible is the most influential book in Western history. As the foundational text of Judaism and Christianity, the Bible has been interpreted and reinterpreted over millennia, utilized to promote a seemingly endless run of theological and political positions. Adherents and detractors alike point t..
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The Karmapa`s Middle Way : Feast for the Fortunate | The Ninth Karmapa
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Model: 9781559394888
Marked by eloquent poetry, vigorous and extensive analysis, and heart instructions on breaking through the veils of confusion to independently experience the true nature of things, The Karmapa's Middle Way contains the Ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje's comprehensive commentary on the Indian master Chan..
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The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa: A New Translation | Tsangnyon Heruka
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Model: 9781559394482
An authoritative new translation of the complete Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, the teaching songs and stories from Tibet's most beloved Buddhist yogi, poet, and saint.     Powerful and deeply inspiring, there is no book more beloved by Tibetans than The Hundred Thousand Songs, and no ..
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Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist : Buddhism and the Compassionate Society | Terry Gibbs
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Model: 9781783606443
To the surprise of many, the Dalai Lama recently declared that, 'I am a socialist'. While many Buddhists and socialists would be perplexed at the suggestion that their approaches to life share fundamental principles, important figures in the Buddhist tradition are increasingly framing contemporary s..
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Asoka | Mookerji Radhakumud
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Model: 9788120805828
Written by one of the eminent historians, this book brings out substantially the chief features of King Asoka's glorious rule...
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The Central Philosophy of Buddhism | T R V Murti
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Model: 9788120840072
Buddhism and its religious philosophy has frequently undergone periods of major regeneration. While this wilingness to reformulate the insights of the Buddha for a different cultural context is one of its outstanding virtues, it is also a source of difficulties for the unguided Western student who o..
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The Buddha Nature: A Study of the Tathagatagarbha and Alayavijnana | Brian Edward Brown
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Model: 9788120806313
One of the fundamental tenets of Mahayana Buddhism animating and grounding the doctrine and discipline of its spiritual path, is the inherent potentiality of all animate beings to attain the supreme and perfect enlightenment of Buddhahood. This book examines the ontological presuppositions and the c..
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The Philosophy of the Middle Way : Essays on Buddhist Madhyamaka in India and Tibet | David Seyfort Ruegg
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Model: 9780861715909
Madhyamaka, the "philosophy of the middle," systematized the Buddha's fundamental teaching on no-self with its profound non-essentialist reading of reality. Founded in India by Nagarjuna in about the second century CE, Madhyamaka philosophy went on to become the dominant strain of Buddhist thought i..
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The Bodhicaryavatara of Santideva: Entering the Path of Enlightenment | Marion L. Matics
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Model: 9788120832374
The Buddhist school Madhyamika is one of the most important philosophical schools in India. It was founded by the great thinker Nagarjuna in the second century A.D. His doctrine is centered around the concept of sunyata or Voidness which metaphorically designates the absolute inexistence of an own b..
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The Tibetan Book of the Dead | W Y Evans-Wentz
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Model: 9788178222516
The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the Bardo Thodol, is a book of instructions for the dead and dying. It is meant to be a guide for the dead man during the period of his Bardo existence. The text falls into three parts. The first part, called Chikhai Bardo, describes the psychic happenings at the mom..
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A Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher | Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang
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Model: 9781590300732
This guide provides readers with essential background information for studying and practicing with Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My Perfect Teacher-- the text that has, for more than a century, served as the reliable sourcebook to the spiritual practices common to all the major schools of Tibetan Buddh..
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