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Mickey Mouse Magic Goo(Disney)
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Model: 4893156062031
4M 米老鼠泡泡吹套裝會吸引 5 歲以上的孩子。有了它,您可以吹出長達 15 厘米的巨大耐用氣泡。與您的朋友在散步中競爭並享受樂趣!   包裝上帶有迪士尼角色的套裝包含一管特殊糊狀物和一根吸管。弄濕你的手指,然後在上面擠一些糊狀物。將糊狀物粘在吸管的黃色末端。輕輕吹入管子的紅色端,然後用力吹。如果形成孔,只需捏住它們。管中有一個閥門,可以防止空氣離開氣泡。要關閉氣泡,請在底部擠壓它,扭轉並分離管子。   安排一場比賽:誰將能夠吹出一個巨大的泡沫,或者誰將有時間在一定時間內把它們製造得最多。您可以從大量氣泡中製作形狀。   新鮮空氣中的聯合遊戲是交流和身體活動..
HK$37.8 HK$42.0
Crystal Growing (Crystal)
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Model: 4893156039132
4M Crystal Growing Grow your colourful crystal in the container provided. It's a fun sparkling chemistry experiment.   Item# 99721..
HK$63.0 HK$70.0
Disney Pixar Toystory / Kaleidoscope Making Kit
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Model: 4893156062208
4M Disney Pixar Toy Story Kaleidoscope Make your own magical Toy Story kaleidoscope! Use unique objects to create dazzling patterns.   includes Eye piece Eye oiece cardboard Mirrors Decorated Paper cone Object chamber Trinket materials Removable cover Item# 60804..
HK$108.0 HK$120.0
Green Science / Hybrid Solar Power - Robot Rover(Science)
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Model: 4893156034175
4M Hybrid Solar Engineering / Rover Robot This clever Rover Robot rolls along on solar power when the sun is shining. It can also be powered by battery when there is no sunlight.   Item# 116745..
HK$144.0 HK$160.0
Kidz Labs / Colour Lab Mixer
-10 %
Model: 4893156049193
Have fun experimenting with colours and light. Includes some great water science tricks to amaze your friends!   18 fun projects including a Rainbow Colour Mixer to create all the colours of the rainbow, A Dye Flower to decorate your room, an Ice Rainbow that is so cool (in more ways than one)..
HK$108.0 HK$120.0
Scientific Discovery Vol 2 / Environmental Science
-10 %
Model: 4893156017208
4M Scientific Discovery Environmental Science Vol 2 Learn about the climate, weather changes and the greenhouse effect. Experience how water is filtered and purified. Be a planet scientist and explore more! Includes over 40 award-winning projects specially designed to instil scientific curiosity ..
HK$450.0 HK$500.0
STEAM Deluxe / Earth Science (US)
-10 %
Model: 4893156055385
4M Steam Deluxe Earth Science Learn the natural power of the Earth and experience the unlimited fun of geological science. Create a volcano, mine for mineral crystals and grow your own unique crystal collections.   includes back cover volcano mould x1 plaster mix x2 paint strip ..
HK$270.0 HK$300.0
3D Mould & Paint / Dinosaur
-10 %
Model: 4893156047779
4M 3D Mould And Paint Dinosaur Mould, paint and design your very own 3D T Tex models   includes Plaster Dinosaurs Mould Paint Tools Brush Item# 60768..
HK$108.0 HK$120.0
Green Science / Grow A Maze(Science)
-10 %
Model: 4893156033529
4M Green Science Grow-A-Maze Can a plant find its way through a maze? It sounds impossible, but just watch as plants wind their way through a maze that you design. It’s a-maze-ing! You can even watch the roots develop inside the transparent soil container. It’s a mini root watcher too.   in..
HK$108.0 HK$120.0
Mould & Paint Animals
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Model: 4893156047755
Mould and paint the exciting wildlife animals and turn the finished creations into fridge magnets or badges.   This fun art & craft kit includes the moulds, plaster, paints and a brush.   Ages 5 and over...
HK$108.0 HK$120.0
Disney Ariel Crystal Terrarium - EU
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Model: 4893156062178
4M Disney Ariel Crystal Terrarium (EU version) Grow your own crystal. It makes a perfect gift.   Item# 29518..
HK$90.0 HK$100.0
Disney Pixar Toystory / Mould & Paint
-10 %
Model: 4893156062192
4M Disney Mould & Paint - Toy Story and Alien Create Toys Story characters' magnets or pins by using the mould, plaster, paints and brush included.   Item# 29545..
HK$126.0 HK$140.0
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